Analisis Kerusakan Radio Transceiver Racal PRM 4021

  • Dian Wulan Suci Aswin Eka Saputri
  • Indrawan Nurgrahanto
  • Hermawan Hermawan


In an organization, communication is very important so that the organization can function optimally. All types of organizations need effective communication to function. The effectiveness of communication is influenced by several factors, namely tangible factors and intangible factors. One of the tangible factors that reduce effectiveness in communication is the existence of barriers to communication. The use of radio, can help reduce communication barriers caused by distance. With the use of radio, voice communication can be carried out over long distances and helps reduce barriers to communication. By using radio transceivers, communication can be more effective because communication can be done in two directions. One of the radio transceivers used for two-way communication is the RACAL PRM 4021 radio. However, as it is used, damage can occur which causes an electronic device to have problems in carrying out its functions. For the equipment that is damaged, it is necessary to conduct an analysis to find the cause of the damage by using the available tools and analytical methods. With the problem analysis activities that have been carried out, the following conclusions can be drawn: The analytical method to search for damage to the Racal PRM 4021 Transceiver radio has been successfully carried out with several limitations. The analytical method carried out succeeded in finding some potential damage, but the definitive cause of the damage could not be ascertained due to the limitations of the test equipment.


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