Analisis Sistem Panel Surya untuk Sensor Telemetri

  • Indra Ainun Najib
  • Bayu Firmanto
  • Tri Kristianti


Solar cells are one of the popular power sources today. To find out how to use solar cell panels to get optimal electrical output, research was conducted. The use of solar cell panels is generally placed in a certain position with no changes, for example solar cell panels are faced upwards. With the panel position facing up and if the panel is considered as the object that has a flat surface, then the panel will get maximum solar radiation when the sun is perpendicular to the panel plane. Therefore, the measurement of voltage and electric current produced at the slope angle of certain solar cell panels and also at certain times. After obtaining the data from the study, then the results were analyzed using sinusoidal regression analysis to determine the electrical power generated by solar panels at each given angle of inclination. With the known power generated at the optimal angle and time, it can be calculated the efficiency of laying the tilt angle of solar panels.


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